Deliver consistent community growth and engagement every quarter

We provide hands-on coaching, training, and accountability...all tailored to your company...that helps you to deliver clear, consistent results every quarter with less stress and frustration.

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Book a Free Consultation

Schedule a 15min call with Jono where he can learn more about your goals and challenges.

Get Tailor-Made Guidance

Based on your goals, Jono will provide practical recommendations of what to focus on next.

This will be tuned to the goals and challenges you share.

Plot an Action Plan

Jono will also recommend how to implement these recommendations and put them into action.

This will be tailored to your resources, availability, and team.

Want to get an expert opinion?

  • Book a call: Schedule a FREE 15min call with Jono where he can learn about your goals and challenges.
  • Get Tailor-Made Guidance: Based on your goals, Jono will provide practical recommendations of what to focus on.
  • Plot an Action Plan: Jono will also recommend how to implement these recommendations and put them into action.
Community building is one of the most challenging and important parts of reaching and engaging the right audience and I’ve never seen anything as structured, comprehensive, immersive or effective as the CLC." -- Adam Christian, CEO, Stateful
Community building is one of the most challenging and important parts of reaching and engaging the right audience and I’ve never seen anything as structured, comprehensive, immersive or effective as the CLC." -- Adam Christian, CEO, Stateful

Adam Christian, CEO, Stateful

Jono's clients have included:

Jono's clients have included:


Community engagement and growth is notoriously difficult to build.

Discord channels with lots of people but no-one talking...boring forums with nothing but questions and answers...lackluster engagement with community members...and little spark, excitement, and buzz.

That sucks.

You want the opposite of all of those things...but how do you manage your team and resources, and generate the best possible results and reduce risk?

If you are an founder or leader, this usually leads to these questions...

How do I deliver predictable results?

It can be difficult to pin down a predictable pathway to a successful community.

How do we measure for success?

It can be confusing and overwhelming to figure out what to measure and how to drive improvements.

How do we drive business results?

Many businesses struggle to connect a thriving community with sales, brand, and other growth.

How do I support my team's success?

If you are not sure how to best support your community staff, you are not alone.

...and if you are a community manager/devrel, this might this sound familiar...

How do I build an amazing community?

Communities are complex beasts. It can be difficult to know what gets the best results.

What are my next steps?

With so many things to work on, it be confusing and overwhelming to figure out what is next.

How do I build engagement?

This is the #1 challenge most community leaders face...and is essential to your success.

How do I demonstrate value?

Many community staff struggle to communicate success (and needs) to leaders and execs.

These are important questions...and inaction can be dangerous. 

We don't want to freak you out...but without clear answers to these opens you up to risk.

Community engagement can drive many benefits, but the greatest cost is the cost of doing it poorly.
  • Brand reputation damage
  • Lack of engagement leading to an online ghost town
  • Decreased user/customer loyalty
  • Lower competitive edge​
  • ​Lost sales and revenue opportunities
  • Lower product feedback to optimize and improve
  • Wasted resources and lower ROI​

So how do you get better results, build predictability...and reduce risk and stagnation?'s what won't work: "throwing 💩 at the wall to see what will stick."

Jono Bacon has worked with 200+ companies such as GitHub, HackerOne, AirBnb, GitLab, Chainlink, The Linux Foundation, Digital Asset and more to help them optimize their community engagement and growth. He has also written two best-selling books on the subject, 'People Powered' (HarperCollins) and 'The Art of Community' (O'Reilly).

He knows that success only comes with:

Clear Planning and Target Goals/Metrics

Repeated Feedback & Iteration

1-on-1 & Peer Group Mentoring/Support

Regular Accountability & Growth

For many companies though...these ingredients is not baked into their week-to-week operational workflow...and this means that their community/devrel staff are not able to reach their fullest potential.  So how do you fix this?
“Joining the Community Leadership Core has been a transformative experience. This accelerator has led to numerous innovative ideas and helped formulate how to build a roadmap around creating meaningful connections within my community." -- Taylor Dolezal, Head of Ecosystems, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
The Community Leadership Core is an industry-leading accelerator that transforms the way you engage and lead your communities. It equips community/devrel leaders with critical skills, knowledge, and resources to build thriving, engaging communities that deliver amazing results, for both your community members and your business.

We don't merely provide hands-on, practical coaching and training; we have a comprehensive framework for week-to-week community engagement and growth, complete with quarterly roadmaps tailored to your business needs. This is delivered with action-focused cycles for continuous improvement, consistent mentoring, and shipping real, tangible results and progress.

The outcome? More exciting and engaged communities, broader growth, more effective community leadership, clearer team/business alignment, and crisp business benefits.

If you are a founder or leader responsible for community/devrel at your company, simplify how you get results and better support your team.

Many execs and leaders struggle to figure out how to effectively manage community staff and accountability to ensure they are delivering great results and well supported in their success.

The Community Leadership Core fills in these gaps and provides high-level clarity for executives and leaders about the progression of your community, as well as the development of core community skills in your team.

Harness industry-leading expertise

With so many moving parts in a community, it can be challenging to know if you are on the right path.

The Community Leadership Core is led by Jono Bacon, who has worked with 200+ companies, and is the author of the best-selling books, 'People Powered' and 'The Art of Community'.

Drive impactful business benefits

Too many businesses build communities that are isolated from sales, marketing, support, and growth.

Integrate your community and business into one tightly coupled unit that drives results but doesn't make your community members feel they are pawns in a sales game.

Track pragmatic real-world results

Some communities struggle with a lack of focused, measurable results (which are difficult to justify.)

Track the maturity of your community, areas of strengths/weaknesses, and get regular updates with the impact, trends, and areas of concern in your community initiatives.

Better support the success of your team

Many leaders struggle to manage community staff, set expectations, and support their overall success.

The Community Leadership Core provides a powerful framework to help you to set goals and expectations and support the development and skills of your team.

...and if you are community manager/devrel, this is an awesome environment to learn and grow as part of an amazing group of peers.


Always know what your next steps are

Communities can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of decisions you can make at any one time.

Take this confusion away and know exactly what your next 3-5 steps are on any week and exactly which goals and metrics you are working towards.

Demonstrate clear progress

Many community leaders struggle to show their impact and value to executives and colleagues.

Always be able to crisply show the progression of your community and the impact of your work...all in a format that is easy for your boss and colleagues to grok.

Build amazing community engagement

Building powerful member engagement is the #1 challenge most community leaders face.

Discover a practical framework to build amazing engagement across forums, chat channels, social media, online/in-person events, and more.

Cultivate world-class skills

Community leadership is a complex art and science that is ever-changing. It can be tough to stay current.

Learn a broad range of practical skills from Jono Bacon, an industry-leading expert on community in a small, intimate, hands-on environment.
"The Community Leadership Core has been immensely valuable to me, providing me with a plethora of great ideas and an excellent framework for engaging with my community right from the outset. The entire experience has been designed with perfection in mind, and Jono has clearly invested a great deal of time and effort into its development." -- Revital Barletz, Head of Community, Wing Cloud

Want to get an expert opinion?

  • Book a call: schedule a FREE 15min call with Jono where he can learn about your goals and challenges.
  • Get Tailor-Made Guidance: Based on your goals, Jono will provide practical recommendations of what to focus on.
  • Plot an Action Plan: Jono will also recommend how to implement these recommendations and put them into action.

Here's how it works...

The Community Leadership Core is a small, private 1-on-1 and group coaching experience that ensures that every quarter you are not just gaining new ground with your community...but also building powerful, productive community skills to take your community to the next level.

 Build your Roadmap

One of the biggest challenges with building a community is to get clarity on where you are and where you need to go.

At the beginning of each quarter, you fill in your Community Check-In which pinpoints exactly where you are in your community journey and what your next steps are.

What is unique about the Community Leadership Core is that this roadmap is tuned to your specific community and company based on where you are right now.

This ensures that executives and community staff are clearly aligned on practical targets, goals, and action.
  • Pinpoint Your Position: identify clearly where you in the maturity of your community (to help guide progress)
  • Your Next Five Steps: get clarity on your next 3 - 5 steps, complete with concrete goals.
  • Skills Scorecard: understand where your strengths and weaknesses are to grow your expertise and experience.

 Focus on Action

Too many community leaders get into a repetitive cycle of merely responding to comments and mentions and not innovating and growing their community footprint.

With our previous clarity on the roadmap...we now put it into practice and focus on incremental improvements.

This is done in a Quarterly Action Cycle...our growth engine which identifies the next 3 - 5 steps in your community which will have the most impact.

For each of these steps you will have clear training, goals, and metrics to deliver practical results and grow core skills.

This means that every quarter you are always stacking new growth engines to build new territory.
  • Action Cycles: every quarter get clarity on your next steps and how to deliver them.
  • Clear Goals: for each piece of work that you focus on, crisp goals and metrics are clearly mapped out.
  • Valuable Training: a large and growing archive of training resources, templates, and cheatsheets are available.
  • Team Alignment: action cycles help to get executives and community staff on the same page.

 Supported with Mentoring

The most powerful ingredient in the Community Leadership Core is having Jono's extensive experience "on tap."

Jono has spent 22 years working with hundreds of companies to shape one of the most comprehensive levels of community expertise in the world.

Imagine having Jono sitting over the shoulder of your community team...helping them to avoid the common pitfalls that every smart, well-meaning community manager falls into...and leading them directly to the creative insights that you can only get from years of experience.

We do this in LIVE group-coaching sessions focused on strategy, tactics, problem-solving, mindset and more.

In these sessions you don't just learn from Jono, but you also unlock the expertise, insights, and experience of the broader group...and we all come together to help each other succeed.
  • LIVE Coaching: join twice-monthly LIVE coaching sessions delivered by Jono and others.
  • Student Pods: join smaller student pod sessions where you show up for each other to support your success.
  • Unlimited Access to Jono: the door is always open for your questions or when you want feedback.
  • Private Community: join our private community on Slack where you can have group or 1-on-1 discussions.

 Demonstrate real Progress

Many companies fail to measure the impact of communities, and run the risk of divesting if they can't show results.

The Community Leadership Core puts measurable impact at the center of the program, focused on three key areas:
  • Maturity: how well does your community serve your members?
  • Skills: what are the community capabilities in your team?
  • Execution: what is the output of the team?
All three of these areas is tracked each quarter so you can see concrete progress, not just with your community, but also with the growth and experience of your team.

This makes measuring the overall impact and ROI of community easier...and makes it easier to celebrate the wins and strengthen the weaknesses.
  • Community Maturity: get regular clarity on your progression in the 4 stages of community maturity.
  • Community Capabilities: clearly identify the progression of community skills over 6 key areas.
  • Rapid Reports: use the Rapid Reporting Framework to showcase insights and issues to colleagues and teams.
  • Executive Expectations: be able to easily summarize progress and results to your executive team.

It doesn't stop there...

In the Community Leadership Core we strive to provide every conceivable resource we can to set you up for success and to make problem-solving as simple as possible. This includes...

1-on-1 Check-In Sessions

Jono will have periodic 1-on-1 sessions with your team to identify growth and challenges and course correct where needed.

Private Community

Be part of a private Slack community where we help each other solve problems, share interesting finds, share wins, and more.

Huge, Searchable Archive

Every session, share, hotseat, and Q&A is recorded and searchable inside of our huge video archive called The Vault.

Want to get an expert opinion?

  • Book a call: schedule a FREE 15min call with Jono where he can learn about your goals and challenges.
  • Get Tailor-Made Guidance: Based on your goals, Jono will provide practical recommendations of what to focus on.
  • Plot an Action Plan: Jono will also recommend how to implement these recommendations and put them into action.
"The accelerator offers a well-structured framework and workflow, engaging coaching style, and valuable real-life case studies. The practical approach helped me apply concepts directly to my community, leading to immediate improvements in engagement and growth." -- Kris Ledel, Head of Developer Experience, Weavy
Nithya Ruff
“Jono Bacon provides the leading experience, nuance, and candor for building powerful, engaging, and inclusive communities. Highly recommended."

Jim Zemlin
Executive Director, Linux Foundation
“Communities are the future of business, technology, and collaboration. Jono Bacon’s experience, approach, and candor is critical reading for harnessing this future."
Mårten Mickos
CEO, HackerOne
“When people who are not under your command or payment eagerly work together towards a greater purpose, you can move mountains. Jono Bacon is one of the most accomplished experts on this."

Want to get an expert opinion?

  • Book a call: schedule a FREE 15min call with Jono where he can learn about your goals and challenges.
  • Get Tailor-Made Guidance: Jono will provide 3 practical recommendations of what to focus on next to get results.
  • Plot an Action Plan: Jono will also recommend how to implement these recommendations and put them into action.

This is a private, invitation-only place

A core goal of the Community Leadership Core is to ensure that we curate an incredible group of passionate, professional community leaders who don't just to do good work..but do amazing work.

With this in mind, we are careful about who we accept into the program. Not only do we want people who will get a lot of value...but importantly, we want to welcome people who will bring a lot of value too.

Here's what we are looking for...

Your Company

Product(s) that people love

You have quality product/service(s) that people love that you want to build a community around.

Community is a priority

Delivering a world-class community is a priority for your business and you are committed to drive community success.

Staffed and resourced

You have at least one full-time staff member assigned to your community and they have the needed time and resources.

You & Your Team

Passionate and pragmatic

You see potential in your community and you are focused on action and measurable results.

Committed to the journey

This is going to be a rocky journey at times, and you are in it for the long haul...even when it gets tough.

Open to fresh ideas

You are open to new and challenging ideas, and you are comfortable with learning from failure.

...also, here we show up for each other.

The Community Leadership Core is not a one-way street.

This isn't place where you just show up and consume value.

Instead, it is a place where we all come together to learn, grow, and support each other. We celebrate our successes together and confront and learn from our failures together. We are all working on our own communities, but we do it in a collaborative environment to bring the best of everyone's insight to the surface.

As such, we are excited to welcome people who:







Nat Friedman
"If you want to tap into the power that communities can bring to businesses and teams, there is no greater expert than Jono Bacon."

Jamie Smith
Former Deputy Press Secretary
“If you want to unlock the power of collaboration in communities, companies, and teams, Jono should be your tour guide."
Paul Salnikow
"Jono has proved invaluable by delivering senior-level mentoring to my team, working with us, as we designed and delivered ‘The Executive Centre Community’ for our 19,000 executive members."

Jono Bacon

Jono has been building communities now for over 22 years. He has worked with over 200 businesses to help them build productive communities...from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

He is the author of five books, including the award-winning 'People Powered' (Harper Collins) and 'The Art Of Community' (O'Reilly) and he writes for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and others.

He is the creator of the 'Community Experience Masterclass' and the 'Community Ignition Workshop' where he has trained hundreds of students in how to build communities. This includes people from a broad range of industries including tech, consumer, fitness, gaming, entertainment, medicine, non-profits, and more.

 Jono is also an active advisor and investor in numerous companies and funds (including Redpoint, Heavybit, Boldstart, AlienVault, HackerOne, and many others.)

Extensive Experience

Previously led community at:

Clients include:

Investor and advisor with:

Featured in:

Kevin Scott
“Jono Bacon provides timely insight into what makes us tick as humans, and how to build richer, stronger technology communities together.”
Marie Dodson
“Jono has a true diversity of insight that spans community strategy, organizational design, leadership, developer workflow, infrastructure, and more. He is able to combine forward-facing strategy with pragmatic tactical delivery. "

Ali Velshi
“Harnessing the collaborative power of communities is critical not just to the success of our businesses, but also for our democracy. Jono provides the clear blueprint for producing that success.”

Jamie Hyneman
Co-Creator/Host, Mythbusters
“If you don’t like herding cats but need to build a community, you need to listen to Jono Bacon.”

Billy Cina
“Jono sets the record straight about what product-related communities are, and the impact you can expect.”
Jim Whitehurst
“Jono is an expert at integrating the potential of communities with businesses. ”

Ben Uretsky
Co-founder, DigitalOcean
"Community is fundamental to DigitalOcean’s success, and helped us build a much deeper connection with our audience and customers. Jono provides a simple, pragmatic recipe for doing this well."

Juan Olaizola
Chief Operating Officer, Santander
"Communities are a powerful component in digital transformation, and Jono Bacon provides the formula."

Dries Buytaert
Founder, Drupal and Acquia
"Jono demystifies the art and science of how to build communities that work."



  • Are you ready to stop the overwhelm and get *clarity* on exactly what the steps are you need to take next?
  • Are you ready to start getting momentum by working *with* me, as we outline, craft, launch and scale your community?
  • If this sounds like you, reserve your seat now.
Includes full access for up to three colleagues.
  • Live Hands-On Training, Coaching, and Q&A Sessions
  • Unlimited Email Q&A and Support During the 10 Week Program
  • Access to Bonus Trainings, Content, and Worksheets
  • Includes: Activities, Worksheets, Cheatsheets, and Resources
  • Includes: Additional Spot Rewards (inc. Training and 1-on-1 Free Consulting)
  • Includes: Access to Private Student Community
  • Includes: Over $2000 of Included Bonuses, Discounts, and Offers
  • Includes: Certificate of Completion (which you can add to your resume, website, and LinkedIn profile)
  • Full Access to all Trainings, Resources, and Community after the Class Completes

Hey, you got questions?

We Got Answers!

What is the criteria for joining?

(1) You have a product/service in the market that people love, (2) you have at least one full-time staff member focus on community growth/engagement, (3) you have executive buy-in for community growth, (4) you are willing to show up and work.

How do I find out more about joining?

If you meet the criteria, just hit one of the green buttons on this page to book a short consultation call. In that call we can learn more about your goals and see if the Community Leadership Core is a good fit for you and your company.

What is included?

Four quarterly roadmaps tuned to your company, access to LIVE group coaching sessions, our huge archive of training and online content, our private online community, and direct 1-on-1 access to Jono.

Is 1-on-1 Q&A and coaching included?

Absolutely! As a member, you have direct access to Jono whenever you have questions. We want to ensure you always feel you have plenty of access to ask questions and solve problems.

Which members of my company can join?

Your registration enables up to 4 team members to join and get full access to all our resources, coaching, and support. If you want to add more team members, please get in touch.

How long do I sign up for?

A subscription to the Community Leadership Core lasts for one year. While billing begins at a quarter, if you join before the next quarter, you get the time before the quarter begins for FREE.

How often are the LIVE sessions?

Our group sessions are at 9am Pacific time on the first and third Tuesday of every month. We also have other sessions that are scheduled on an as-is basis, usually in the morning Pacific time.

What do you do in the LIVE sessions?

They are NOT like webinars, and instead interactive group sessions where we share insight, do group activities/brainstorming, perform training, share work to get feedback, and more. They are awesome!

What is the weekly time commitment?

The weekly Community Leadership Core commitment is usually around 1 - 3 hours a week. This investment though is more than offset with the time-savings generated from the guidance/frameworks.

How involved does leadership need to be?

The main role for founders/leadership is in providing accountability. We provide a simple framework or this that reduces your time requirements and increases efficiency for both accountability and your team.

How do I ask another question that isn't answered here?

Simple! Just click the button below to send me an email - happy to discuss any questions you have!
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